Monday, February 21, 2011

He is..

He suddenly appeared in her life
He made her smile
He made her blush
He talked and talked
He never stopped
He always asked about her
Every day..
Every single day..
He promised a future
He promised to never leave
He was always there..
With his hugs..
Soothing voice..
He always made her day right
He was willing to change
And he did..
He was simply her dream come true
Their love became stronger..
That's what she thought
And suddenly,
once upon a day he suddenly left
After all she thought,..
it was too good to be true

Qs. What would you do if your frnd or some1 you love left you?


A Citizen of Earth said...

I don't even want to consider it...

A differejt way to think about it is what if you had to leave a loved one?

Something to consider...


Exposed Insanity said...

hard question
it would really hurt...
probably be in shock or cry
lnahh y3ne madre, just let it all out..
its so hard loosing a loved one..
especially when they promised to stick around no matter what..

well written !
touched my heart;*

Monwa said...

ACoE: madre I wouldnt leave a loved one ever if ido love them, how bout u?

Exposed Insanity: yeah its very hard! I AGREE!;p thanks:***

A Citizen of Earth said...

Hmm. Tough question. I don't know. I'd never want to, but you never know what types of circumstances arise.


Monwa said...

ACoE: yeah, thats true