Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dalal & Abdulwahab Part 1

Dalal and her friend walked down the crowded street heading to get a quick dinner, on the way they ran into a couple of friends. Everyone said their hellos, there were three guys with the girls one of them was with Dalal in class. Muneera, their friend and the one who was with the guys decided to invite them to dinner.
Abdulwahab, the guy with Dalal in class decided to sit on the other side of the table, they were all nice people even though it was the first time for them to actually sit together and talk. These meetings became casual and they all became a group of friends after a few months.

Wahab and Dalal became good friends and study partners, they would spend hours in the library in an attempt to write a paper or study for an exam but instead they would just hang out and talk.

"o55 9arat 12 already! yalla nrja3 il bait?"

"olla yeah i think we should"

"5al awa9lich its a bit late 566r trj3een bro7ich"

"la walla 3ade wahab, kahi ilshiqa 10 mins away"

"no problem awa9lich oo arid ana"

"tara walla 3ade"

thats how it started, he started driving her home and they would talk more and more everyday.
the semester ended and they would still meet up for coffee or a stroll in the park.
Wahab was the sweetest guy Dalal has ever met, he never asked for anything more than friendship he wasnt always there but when he was he was all hers.

it was the middle of the week and Dalal's friend just left her place, Wahab called a few minutes later.

"hi wahab, whats up?"

"umm dalal mash'3oola?

"la, shfeek are you ok?"

"3ade ayelich shwaya? m7taj a7ad akalm a7ad, 9arle 10 mins a7oos 3ala your block bas 5ayef I call you."

"umm ee sure sure, come pass by"

dalal was nervous she never had a guy over at her place and she didnt want it to be awkward, she decided to take 2 bottles of water and a couple of snacks and waited for him on the steps.
she saw him parking right in front of her apartment.


"heey.. whats up? 5ara3tnyy!"

"sorry bas kint mitwater oo madre mino akalim"

"tell me wahab"

"yadi bilmistashfa al7een, hes in the intensive care unit oo mani gadr arja3 ildeer oboi igool mala da3i bas 7as ina 7alta 5a6ra wayed dalal; i really dont know what to do"

"tabe trja3 bil weekend? we have a long weekend coming up.. it wont affect your studies, what do you think? oo 3ala your grandpa mafe ila il3afia inshalla he will be ok inshalla dont worry about him; itha 9ij fee shay your dad would tell you to go back bas he didnt"

"madre dalal, galbi mu mit6amin"

"t3awith min iblees wahab maku ila il3afiya, anything you want to talk about im here"

"kila arta7 lama asolif wiyach, china I knew you minziman" he turns around to face her and gives her his killer smile
he looked so tired and exhausted.
she felt so comfortable with him all she wanted was a hug.
they went silent for a while all they did was look at the sky, it was such a typical movie moment but it was so perfect.

"water? granola bars?"


they sat there talked for half an hour and then he went back to his apt and that weekend he went back home to see his grandfather.

Wahab and Dalal kept on texting each other, they got closer everyday, but half way through the summer semester he stopped hanging out, he would call her once in a while but then he started drifting away.
Dalal was worried she didnt know what went wrong; its not like they were a couple or something, she felt like she did something wrong she kept on repeating everything she did but nothing was different. she knew she liked him, but she didnt know if he liked her back. She discussed it with her friends day and night what could possibly go wrong. she didnt flirt or do anything unexpected. she was so disappointed every time  she wanted to call her stubbornness would stop her. soon enough they lost contact. for about two weeks before heading back to kuwait she lost complete contact with him. she didnt see him in campus not even restaurants or places she went out with her friend.

those two weeks were the longest two weeks of her life. she couldnt wait till she got back to kuwait and got herself busy with visiting people and attending gatherings.

the first two days back home were typical with visiting family and close friends. but all her mind was thinking about was wahab.

it was the last year for both of them even though he was a year older than her since he took an english course. she thought maybe in the fall when they go back they would be friends again or something. he was constantly on her mind every day every minute.

she was always lost in her thoughts even though she was hanging out with her parents.

"Daloola? Dalaal?"

"Hala Baba?"

"shfeech sar7ana yuba? tfakreen ibmino?" he winked

"hahahaha baba afakirr feeeek!"

"ee 3adil! 5oush jawab! agool bakalmich ibmawtho3 oo ana atwaqa3 t3arfeen batkalam 3an shino?"

"mawthoo3 shino?"

"tara ana 3albuna dad cool ma5th ilwath3 easy, ilwa7id maykalim binta chithi haa..."

"hahaha baba shitikalam 3ana?"

"t3arfeen wahab liflani?"

"ee wiyay biljam3a, hes a really good friend laish t3arf obo?"

"laaa, ams oma mita9ala bumich oo 6alib eedich"

"ana? mit2akid wahab?"

"ee yuba mit2akid, latsaween roo7ich china intay wiya mo m5a6i6eenha!!"

"ay m5a6i6eenha baba, wala i dont know about him the last time i talked to him was like 2 weeks ago, oo faja 9ar distant, are you sure it wahab ili ib jam3iti wahab?"

"ee sure, tara ohwa 5oush walad bas abeech tfakreen bilmawthoo3 ana kalamta oo he has his whole future planned out, he knows what he wants, bas abeech tfakreen bilmawthoo3 3adil yuba hatha mu li3ib hatha zawaj"

"inshalla baba"

"when you come up with a decision tell me"


she raced to her room couldnt believe the news her dad just told her about. she took her phone, looked for his contact and whatsapped him immediately.

D: hey

2 seconds later

AW: halaa, shlounich minziman 3anich!

D: 7amdilah how are you? hows break? ee you stopped asking.

AW: 7amdilah kilshay b5air, ee lahait shway.

D: aha okk, anways my dad told me about you and I have to think about it :)

she was really pissed at that second, she thought he didnt talk to her because he was too excited for this moment or too shy or something that would make her happy and not "ee lahait"
she put her phone away and decided to sleep. she slept with a heavy heart, she didnt look at the phone and she had it on silent.

she woke up the next morning, washed up, prayed, had breakfast and totally forgot about her phone. she didnt think that he would reply since he was "lahe"

she finally went back to her room to check her phone, only to find 10 missed calls from him and so many whatsapps with Dalal? wain ri7tay? and the last whatsapp was asif az3ajtich, talk to me when you get the chance ana banam al7een.