Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trust. Faith. Belief.

For some reason I have been questioning everything these days. I don't know who is lying and who is truthful. Everything has been going up and down like a roller-coaster, but you my friend have been my only constant. I don't know why I trust you and have faith in you when I don't even trust myself. I don't why i believe in you. Is it because of your eyes? Because the language of your eyes is phenomenal. Or is it your smile? A smile thats worth a thousand words.
I think it is because of something you said that day, something really important and meaningful.
But i sit here writing this and wonder I sit here and ask myself why do I trust you?

Ps. I wish you to read this and know how i feel.

I Want To See You Again

Every day i think of you and I remember that moment. A second that kept me hanging for all this time. Am i supposed to expect something from you? Why do i miss you? Why do I want more from you?

Your eyes said it all. The way you smile, the way you talk simply made my year. I want to have that moment on repeat, with you and only you.

I miss you and I barely know you.

Friday, February 10, 2012

i... Sharon... The Nanny... *17A*

"hayoonaaa?! Ishhal mufaj2a il7ilwa! Mita rija3tay min florida?" Huda ('3zlans mother) asked.

"halla hudaa halla 7abebti haha shiftay shloun il3yal kibrit! Wala raj3a 7ag Sulaiman, shlounkum? Sha5barkum? Ohh anfaal shlounich shloun li3yal? Hala samar hala 7abebti, shloun ildinga ma3ach? Walaa walhaneen 3alaikum" as Haya replied with the greetings and small talk; they talked for about 10 mins while drinking tea and biscuits.

Sulaiman wasnt listening to a word they were saying. He just wanted to see '3zlan. "5alte Huda?" he said.

"hala 7abebe?"

"ila wain '3zlan manzlat"

"waaay mista3yel ilwalad, i9br shway saloom fashaltna" Haya instantly replied.

"ee ya7ilwaaa, ka al7een tajhz oo tanzil"

His face became red, his mom embarrassed him so much.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i... Sharon... The Nanny... *16*

'3zlan went home shocked with slaimans reaction. She went home really disappointed, tomorrow is a new day she thought. She was going to go get a cute dress.
She sent Reema a message that tomorrow morning they are going for brunch then shop.

Morning came and '3zlan went to pick up Reema. She was hoping not to see Sulaiman, to her luck as the driver pulled up to their house and Sulaiman was playing with lama in the garden. She stayed in the car and waited for Reema to come out.

"9ba7 il5air," he said as he opened the door.

"hi," she replied with a fake smile.

"whats wrong gills? Are you ok?"


"gills golele ishfeech," he said as he got closer.

"slaiman please latgarib yami. Mo n9eebi oo kaifi? Itrikne b7ale"

"ok im sorry"

He left, she waited a few more minutes and Reema came out of the house. They then went shopping. They decided to get the dress then have brunch. After all the laughs and giggles anyone could tell that deep down '3zlan didnt want this. She wanted sulaiman only and any person other than that she felt too young.

The day of the "get together" came. She got pampered up, Reema was there too. '3zlans mother and two aunts where also there. Everyone got dressed up and looked gorgeous.

He was in his house, wore his dishdasha qtra and 3gal and put on the bukhor and 3ood. He didnt believe he was doing this. No one new about it, well only one person but he didnt know if she would come or not. Just as he was going to get done. Someone knocked on the door.


No one replied, they knocked the door again.

"ohooo COME IN"

They slowly opened the door, and to his surprise it was her.
"yala jahiz inroo7?" she said with a very cheeky smile happy to see her son look like a handsome groom.

He smiled so genuinely, he was very happy to see her. He missed her so much. "um ee ee jahiz"

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Monday, February 6, 2012

i... Sharon... The Nanny...*15*

'3zlan didnt know what to do with what her dad told her. She is just a child she thought and her dad wont force her into doing anything.
She slept and would think about it the next morning.

Sulaiman on the other hand didnt tell Reema that he asked '3zlans dad.

'3zlan was not supposed to tell anyone. But she told Reema anyways.

In Reemas house.

'3zlan: rayoom?

Reema: Halaa2

'3zlan: im going to tell you something you cant tell anyone. Im so mad bas i cant do anything about it.

Reema: golaayy

'3zlan: ako wa7id min 6araf baba yay ya56bne in 2 days.

Reema:WHAT?!!! Mino hatha?? No you cant do this to Saloom!

'3zlan: its not my fault! Reema madre shasawee. What if hes a good guy! What if baba and mama really like him? What if slaiman isnt serious about me. I dont know what to do rayoom.

Reema: SALOOM is serious! Ohwa gali bya56bch. He told me ibnafsa.

Reema calls suleiman on his mobile.

"aloo? Saloom wainik?! Ta3al my room now!"

'3zlan: reema?!! What the hell are you doing?! Yanaitay?!! No one is supposed to know!

Suleiman: shfeekum t9ar5oon ?!

'3zlan: nothing slaiman, mafeena shay.

Reema: shino nothing?! '3zlan tell him! Saloom wa7d yay ya56b '3zlan !

Sulaiman: ok?

Reema: ok?! Are you serious?

Sulaiman: hatha n9eebha what am i supposed to do?

'3zlan was shocked with the words that came out of sulaimans mouth, a tear silently fell on her left cheek.

"9a7," She said as she called her driver. And she left.