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i... Sharon... The Nanny... *12*

Dedicated to Um Flfola:**

"Morning!" Reema said grabbing a bagel. 

"MOR-NING!" Lama replied. 

"Lamloom spelling test tomorrow?" Reema asked. 

"LA! Today! Saloomi taught me yesterday!" Lama replies smiling so widely. 

"Yaay! Taboon today nroo7 wiya gills oo 7amood movie? '3azooi?" Reema asks her siblings. 

"I'm in" '3azi replies. 

"Me too!" Lama says. 

"Uhh.. Yalla mishaina?" Suleiman asked. 
"Ee yallah" 3abdalla replied standing up. Suleiman drove them to school. They all headed to their classes and back home. Night came. 

"5ala9taaaaw????" Reema asked out loud. 

"Eeeeee!" '3azi and lama screamed back. 

"Call ma7moud '3azoui!" Reema said. 

"OKAY REEMA!" He replied. After a few minutes. "Rayooom! Ma7ad mini! Ma7d yigdar iwadeeaa!"

"Inzaaain shoof saloom!" She was screaming again. 

"Ishoof shino?" Suleiman asked her standing next to her door. 

"Oh ka yeet, um abeek twadeena bait il3thmy!"


"Laaaiiishh! Plzz! Saloomi 7abebe!"

"Rayoom u know I can't"

"U won't see her I promise!"

"U55 ok" he said relieved yet still uncomfortable. 

So they head to the car and he drives them to '3zlan's house. Just before arriving Reema makes a call. "Heey!...u ready?.. Ee yalla.. We r going with ur driver 97?.. Oh.. Inzain 3thman?... Hmm.. Yalla nizlay 3ayal" she ended the phone call and started staring  at Suleiman. "Saloomi" she said with a cheesy smile.  


"How much do you love meee???"

"Shino tabeeen??"

"3ade twadeena I'll movies??"

"La rayoom!"

"Ppplzzz! Ur old ishda3waa! Its been years! Yalla plz saloom! Ana i5tik ya3ni.. Oo mako sayg. Oo ifham saloom plzz. Plus its been years oo years. 3asdi bas itwa9ilna"And she kept on begging her brother. "Oh great kahum.. Lamooy scream!"

"Aaaaahhhhh!" Lama started screaming. "Wa5r 3aniii '3azii!" 

"Kani kani ill sit 3indich lamooya!" Reema said as she rushed back to her sister. "7amoud! Ta3al ig3ad yam '3azi!"

"OKAY!" He went running. 

'3zlan had no other place but to sit in the passengers seat. She stood outside for a few seconds then went in. "Isalam 3alaikum" she said avoiding suleiman. The drive was silent. 7amoud and '3azi were the only ones whispering. As they got closer to the movies. Reema whispered something to the kids, they all giggled. 

"Oh 6al3aw ilza7ma, saloom shakla it will take a long time 3ala ma u park" Reema said. 

"Uh rayoom baroo7 ildiwaniya"

"La shloun thidna its late now, i7na binroo7 na7jiz! Gills u stay!" And all of them run out of the car. 

"Reemo!" He was so mad. 

"Um 3ade suleiman ana anzil here; u can leave"

"Shloun tanzileen hne! Kila shabab tanzileen bro7ich!"

"La t9ra5" she said. 


"Ana banzil" Her voice was shaky.

"La ni6ray a9fi6 wanazlich"

"Why do you care! You left me! Mo matabene! Laish ihimik! 5alne ib7ale!"

"Yeah. I don't care nizlay allah wiyach"

"I never got you" she said as her tears fell on her cheeks. She headed out of the car and closed the door behind her. He felt guilty he wanted to apologize, but it was easier to leave. As that thought crossed his mind his mobile rang. It was reema. 


"Saloom, i7na dashaina mafee wayd amakin u and gills oo ana wiya I'll yahal; 7a6ait I'll tickets 3ind I'll guy ib ur name.. Bye!"

"Aaaaah! Bathba7haa!"

She went in, looked for reema, didn't find her, tried to call her but her fone was switched off; she doesn't know what movie they went too. So she found a chair and sat down. 30 seconds passed then she started crying silently she hid her face not wanting anyone to see her. She realized she missed him. Its been 2 years and that's how he talks to her. 

"Uh '3zlan?"

She looked up,"didn't u leave?"

"La we have a movie to catch remember?" He stretched his hand out for her. 

"Inta 3indik tickets? Ana matrid 3alai rayoom oo ma3rf wain ra7aw" she said trying to hide her tears. 

"La dagat oo galat"

"Ok" she said ignoring his hands and walked heading to the theater. He chuckled and walked behind her. He saw the hurt in her eyes, he saw how sorry she was, he knew she missed him. He didn't want to ruin this night for her its not like she planned it he thought. 

"Um '3zlan ba5th popcorn shino ayeeblich?" 

"Wala shay" she then followed him. 

"Laish matro7een I'll movie?"

"Adish wiyak?"

"Ok" they then waited silently until the guy came. "1 large popcorn, 1 large coke, 1 large.." He looked at '3zlan "half coke half sprite? lail7een u drink that?"

"Uh ee.. Bas small" he took her by surprise, she didn't know he still remembered. 

"1 half coke half sprite small please" he paid for their order and headed for the movie. They sat in their seats. "Popcorn?"

"La mashkour" she smiles. They watched the movie both of them were quite nervous. The movie ends. Sulaiman receives a call.

"Ha Remoo!.. Haha a3arfich.. Wiya?.. Al7een ana mo yayibkum?.. Inzain intaw wain ray7een? 3abood wiyakum?.. Ahaa ok yalla nil7agkum... Bye!" He ended the call,"so yeah its just me and you!"


"Rayoom called il3thmy oo they left"


"Haha ithaher... Mishaina?"

"Yalla"  they head to the car. 

"Wain tabeen tro7een?"


"Uh.. Ok yalla" the ride was silent. 



"Why did it take you two years?"


"U heard what I said."

"'3zlan madre shagolich"

"Just tell me. Laish u avoided me for two years? Ishsawaitlik? I tried talking to you oo inta you shut me up oo left. I7na ibnafs lischool oo manshoof ba3ath"

He was silent, focused on the road. 

"U know what, ignore what I said. Mayhimik a9lan"

Just before the gaurd could open the gate she got out of the car. And before she closes the door, he called out; "'3zlaaan"

"Mola slaiman itrikne ib 7ali" she slammed the door shut and walked to her home. 

He was angry with himself. He made a call. "Kila minich! Intay matism3een kalami! Kila minich!"

"Saloom! shfeek t9ar5?!"

"Kila minich she is mad!"

"Mino Mad?!!"


"oh" she was thinking for a second. "alo? hellooo?? ble5 sad il 5a6"


"shino shisalfa?" 3thman asked Reema.

"weeelll.. i made saloom oo gills meet"

"adree rayoom! i picked you up"

"oh ok, and theeen"


"we thought they were ok 97? thats why i called you!"


"tthheen i dont think they are ok now"


"shino ok! al7een lama inrid il bait saloom bizifniii!!!! kilna binam ib baitkum ilyoum 5alin5ali saloom broo7a plz"

"hahah oo gills wont kill you ya3ni?"

"uh la?"

"hahahahah inshooof"


"na3am? ishnadaitene? a9'3ar i3yalich 3ithmano?"

"plz lat39b"

"i wont bas 5al n6la3 lai mita yakloon hathool"

"hey! mita it5al9oon?"

"we are done!" Lama Hamad ans "3azi scream back  

"3abood??" Reema asks 3abdalla

"ha? ee ee" 3abdalla replies busy with his phone.

"il3ubud!" 3thman calls for him.


"wiya mino lahe?"

"ishhal ligafa, jabil 7abebtik bas"

"hahahaha ba6awifha lik hal marra"



"ishraykum chalet?" 3abdalla asks so excited.

"fooga!" 3thman says "Rayooma baba call gills, wala agoolich ana adizlihum message yalla mishaina?"

"yalla" they all head to the car.


she was sitting in the swimming pool area. and out of nowhere.


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Slow Down
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