Friday, April 27, 2012

How it started... 2/3

"Yasmeena, all guys are like that; plus he admits it better than the others. He obviously changed, if he just wanted to play you then he wouldn't ask your dad"

"I know, bas I cannot live with a man and I know he used to drink, sleep with women and do God knows what"

"did he tell you he used to drink and sleep with girls?"

"la, bas its obvious he does!!"

"Yasmeena 7abebti, if he admitted that he had girlfriends I dont think he will mind telling you everything about himself"

"thats the thing manoor, I dont want to like him more and forget everything he did wrong, I know deep down hes a really good guy, I also know he learned from his mistakes; doesnt mean he would repeat them. Also, what if we get married and have children oo 3yali y6l3oon nafsa!"

"ok im going to say this once, if he calls and really wants you, give him a chance, tell him ina you need to ask him about everything he needs to say the truth and you'll think about it; may you do that for me?"

She went quite for a while,"yeah."

"yimkin he only dated girls, yimkin bas kan y6la3 wiyaha; how is that different from you and hamad?"

"excuse me?! Hamad and I werent a thing! We didnt hang out! We didnt talk about our feelings towards each other!"

"but you know you liked each other, he used to talk to you 24/7 about everything!"

"its different, we were just close friends"

"ok, give wahab a chance; you never know he might be perfect for you"


A week later.

1 text message received.

"hi yasmeen, may I talk to you sometime today? Whenever youre free."

It was a random number.

She replied. "who is this?"

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How it started... Yasmeena & Wahabi 1/3


"so what?"

"so tell me why did you pick me? Weren't you in love with this Dalal girl?"

"yeah but we broke things off"

"I know that, but why am I your rebound girl? And why did you propose right away? I thought you were the kind of guy who likes to "get to know the girl" right?"

"yes yasmeen, i was that guy but I heard a lot about you and I liked what I heard so I thought I would get to know you the official way around."

"and why are you so confident that I'll approve?
Do you think you'll buy me with you money or what? Let me tell you something if my dad is being nice to your father just because they're related and were in university together, that doesn't mean he'll approve of this marriage. And I will not allow a guy who slept around and did God knows what to be the father of my children"

"Yasmeen, 3ade you calm down shway?"

"la i wont abdulwahab! Inta a9lan ur 13 years older than me! What do you want from me?"

"yasmeen, ana asif. I'll call your father now oo anhiy ilmawthoo3; ana asif 76aitich ib hal mawqif"

"thank you abdulwahab" she said with relief.

Monday, April 23, 2012

What now?

What am I really fighting in here?
Why am I questioning the relationship?
What we have is simple and clear. Is it because I left you act that way or what. I trust you with everything in my life but sometimes I feel like I shouldn't.

I don't know if you are reading this or not. I hope not. I know it sounds like my daily ramblings but now its meant to be for you. Is it because I wasn't as attach at the same time?

So now you move on to the next person?

I don't think you'd quite understand that these are for you. But they are.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Noora & S3ood


"hala.. Shlounich?"

"7mdillah b5air... You?"

"b5air damich ib5air"

They awkwardly stood looking at each other.

"Do you want to grab a cup of coffee?" he asked.

"umm laa 3ade"

"wala i insist, gahwa oo ro7ay"

"ok" she replied.

They walked to the usual coffee shop.

"So whats new with you?" he said.

"mako shay hows zaina?"

"uhhh.... Falaina il56ba" he said. "makint abe i make it official oo tiwahag wiyay"

"3ade as2al laish falait'ha? You seemed perfect together"

"lana shes not you noora! Ana abeech intay oo '39abtena ninfi9l! Intay lee ana oo ana lich laish matabeen tifhmeen!"

"la t9ar5 s3ood! Why are you screaming at me?!" as she finished that sentence she started crying. "lo ana ma27bik chan ma6lbt ina ninf9l! Do you want me to be selfish?"

"ee i want you to be selfish... Just for once can you not be selfless? I want you. I miss you." they both stayed silent for a minute. "asif 9ara5t tawmisa3"

"I miss you more sa3oody"

"May I get a hug?"

"la" she replied instantly.

"3ade nitzawaj again?"

"s3ood... Ilzawaj moli3ba."

"adre noora walla adree... Bas laish ma7ad yifhamne ina I want you no matter what laissh??!"

"lana sooner or later you'll expect me to give you something I can never give you"

"ana rathee... Nina itha allah mokatiblina hatha n9ebna."

"remember when we were in high school and you used to talk about our children? I will never forget that s3ood. I will never forgive myself."

"you said it yourself Nina.. OUR children.. You and I. Mo ana oo wa7da thanya"

"I miss waking up to your voice"

"I miss everything about you 7abebty"

"I need a bear hug"

"Come to papa" he gave her the biggest hug. Its been a year since their divorce. A divorce both of them didn't want. But she thought that would be the best for them.