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i... Sharon... The Nanny... *14*

"Tell me what happened!" Reema asked in excitement.

"he apologised," '3zlan replied.

"wai3 i know he did. Abe details!! Did you kiss?!"

"Reemo shhal 7ache! No he just came to me bil swimming pool, he said he missed me everyday..."


"....he apologised a hundred times. He hugged me. He told me he loved me."



"galich he loves you?!!!! Mita oo shloun oo what did you say?!"

"sawait roo7e masima3t hehehe ohwa iftishal, we had breakfast together and he kissed my forehead"

"awwwwwwww! Cutie patooties!!!"

"basss!! Inzain tell me what did you do with il3thmy? Did anything happen?"

"la we just hanged out as usual"

"3thman yisti7y wayed"

"I guess"

Months have passed and it was two weeks before graduation. Both Sulaiman and 3thman got accepted to many universities in the US. Sulaiman didnt know what to do. He didnt want to leave his siblings alone, so he was highly considering staying home.

"Rayooma," he said as he was standing by her door.

"id5al saloom," she replied.

"hi baba, i wanted to talk to you about something."

"talk. Shfeek? You ok?"

"well im graduating in 2 weeks and i dont know how im going to leave you guys here all alone"

"you wont kil our relatives are here, inta you have to go this is your future; dont ruin it because of us"

"how will I leave lamooya oo '3azooi? Tawhum zqar! I have an idea bas i dont know if you will like it"


"ishraykum tyoon tkamloon school wherever i go?

"NA3AM?!! Oo ahd kil my friends here?!"

"ee at least we will all be together and the education is better there."

"madre madre i have to think about it! This is huge! I cant decide now. Plus if i said yes does that mean we will leave in the summer and then go study there?"

"yeah this is the other thing i wanted to talk to you about. "


"umm... Ok i maybe too young for this, you too bas abe.."

"tabe shino???"

"abe a56b"

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! '3zlan?!!!!! Did you tell her?! Did she say yes?! Aaahhh mabrook! Im going to be an aunt!!! Saloooooom!" she jumped and hugged him.

"baass iz3aj rayoom, ftha7teena! Ma7ad yadre ila ana wintay!"

"ok okk im calm now! Wait arent you too young?"

"yeah i know I am, bas ya3ni ive loved her since we were children and she was there for me. And shes so mature. Bas i dont want to be to soon oo tgool la. so i came here to ask you. And if she says yes Well buy a house for all of us tro7on school oo i7na uni oo all of us together. Just brainstorming. Nothing decided on yet."

"inta il7een why are you marrying gills? Lana its the right thing?"

"LA rayoom ana I love gills bas i dont know if its too soon to ask her to marry me."

"this is too serious, think about it. 9al isti5ara and see. Hathe mo aywa7da oo hatha mo li3ib salomm."

"inshallaah thank you rayoom"

"youre welcome."

Sulaiman didnt know what to do. He didnt want to wait till they graduate from uni because he knew he wanted to have a relationship with her.

"aloo ta3al baitna baklmk ibmawthoo3" sulaiman told 3thman on the phone.


"bas ta3al"

"inzain yalla masaft 6reej"

3thman cane over. "shfeek 5alaitne aye 6ayer"

"bagolik shay bas madre shloun agolik"

"gool oo 5l9na"

"inzaiin... Abe a56b"

"KAAAAAAAAK!!!! Int shift wayhik? Tawik yahil! Oo mino sa3eedat il7ath? 3sa mo gill bas?"

"ya3ni mino bitkon? Ba3dain ana mo yahil!"

"saloom gills would need someone to take care of her mo li3ba zawaj hatha!"

"wana when did i ever not take care of her?! Ahtam feeha akthar minik"

"wala madre... As2alik il 2ahal ashoof shigolon?"

"la ana bas2al"

"bas bagoolik if you really want to do this yeeb omik lana '3zlan would want that"

"latyeeb 6areeha"

"fakir feeha"

After a few days of thinking he called her father to ask '3zlan hand for marriage. He convinced the dad that it was not a game and he was serious. He explained his plan where all his siblings are going to live with each other. The father wasnt completely convinced. Although he loved suleiman he had to think about it and get back to him.

After a few days was his graduation. Her dad didnt call him back. He was really anxious to know what will happen. '3zlan noticed something weird but didnt say anything.

The day of his graduation her dad told him that he approves but they have to ask her first. Sulaiman and her father decided on a plan.

"aloo hala 3ami," sulaiman made a phone call.

"slaiman?! Halla yuba! 3ash min sima3 hal 9oot! Sha5barick? Shloun 5wanik oo 5watik?"

"l7amdilaah kilna b5air, 3ami umi haya mawjooda?"

"ee kahe dgeega bas"

"aloo hala slaiman" haya answered the phone.

"hala, shlounich?" he really didnt want to talk to her.

"il7amdillah b5air"

"shloun iljaw 3ndkum"

"slaiman 5al9ne shba'3ait?"

"abeech trj3een likuwait"

"oo laish inshalla?"

"lane ba56b '3zlan oo mara7 twafiq ila itha ana wiyach t9al7na"

"oo bas chithi ibta56b? Matis2lne wala tshawrne?"

"laish ashawrich 7alich 7al il'3areeb, ana gitlich min thak ilyoum ina intay mo omy. Oo intay tadreen ina mo dag 3alaich min nafse. Oo lo kint ba56b wa7da thanya chan 5athait 5alte Huda. Ana dag 3alaich 3ashan '3zlan. Ilmohim 3ugub 3 tayam ana ray7 a56bha. Itha btyeen 7ayach allah. Atwaqa3 itdleen baitna. Ma3asalama" and he ended the call.
He hated that he talked to his mother that way but he hated what she did to him way more.

Bu 3thman called '3zlan into the office. "'3zlan ta3alai yuba bakalmich ibmawthoo3"

She went running to his office, "halla yuba"

"baba adree ina tawich zqeera, bas fe nas taw 56boch mini, shafoch oo sm3aw 3anich. Wayed yimdi7oon feech. Shrayech?"

She was shocked. She didnt know what to say, "um la baba, ana tawne wayed zqera"

"ohwa 5osh walad 7abebti oo wayed ymd7oona, intay shofee oo ba3dain qariray"

"mabe baba! Please mabe!"

"inzain ish5asrana itha shfte? Mani qa9bich 3ala shay"


What do you think '3zlan is going to do?
How will she react? Will his mother come back?

The new post is almost ready. ;p

i... Sharon... The Nanny... *13*

She turned around and found him approaching her. She looked away, she didnt want to face him. 

"hi," he said. 

She didnt say anything. He stayed quite for a few minutes. 

"I miss you every single day" 

She kept quite, while she was burning from the inside. 

"I'm sorry Ghizlan, I really am"

"ok," she replied. 

"thats it? Thats all you have to say?!"

"i dont have to say anything slaiman, if you dont like what im saying please leave. Im sick and tired of you treating me this way."

"how do I treat you? What did I do?"

"what did you do? Youre really asking that question?"

He kept quite, her eyes were filled with tears, but she looked away so she wouldnt cry. 

"you broke your promise," he finally said. 

"excuse me?"

"you broke your promise, just like her. You said you'd be by my side and you broke your promise. You told me youd tell me everything thats bothering you and you broke that promise too. I dont have time for people who break promises, and I didnt want to get hurt." 

"I was jealous you didnt hang out with me that day. I came back to you minutes later but you kicked me out. You kicked me out! You left for two years, two years we are in the same school and we never talked. I'm not the one who broke the promise, you did! Shloun ihon 3alaik chithe itsawe fene and you know what you mean to me?"

"I'm sorry"

"I'm sorry isnt enough"

"what do i mean to you," he said taking her by surprise. 


"what do i mean to you?"


"tell me the truth"

"what truth?"

"do you miss me the way i miss you?"

Her heart started racing, she just wanted to hug and be with him forever. Although she was young, she just wanted to be there for him. 

"you know i would ask lama everyday how youre doing?" he continued. "after that day i was worried you hated me '3zlan."

She just sat there with her tears falling. she looked away so he couldn't see her. 

"you know she moved out right? She lives fort lauterdale now. Her husband retired and they went to live there."

"yeah I know," she instantly replied. 

"is it ok if i hug you right now?"

She nudged her shoulders indicating an "its up to you". 

He smiled. Moved closer to her. And put his arms around her. She sat there leaning on him between his arms. 

They sat there for the longest time possible. 

"how are you?" he asked. 

"im ok"

"how can i make you feel great?"

"staying here forever"

"i love you."

"what?" she said. Not believing what he said. 

He quickly realised what he said, "i wont leave you"

They stated there for a while and then she dozed off between his arms. He took her to her room and tucked her in. He closed her door and went to sleep in 3thmans room. He didnt check his phone because he left it in the car. 
The next morning came and '3zlan woke up only to find her self in bed, she remembered what happened yesterday; she couldnt stop smiling. She missed him so much. But then she remembered that she slept between his arms but she doesnt remember what happened after that. She quickly got out of bed took a shower. Did her hair. Wore cute short shorts and a flowery top. She rushed out of the room and down the stairs thinking that he was sleeping on the couch. But she didnt find him there. 
So she went to the kitchen and asked marlyin if he was still here. She told her that hes still sleeping at 3thmans room. '3zlan told Marlyin to get breakfast ready. And she went to living room,  looking through magazines waiting for suleiman to wake up. 2 hours passed and he was still asleep, she decided to go wake him up since she was bored. 

"slaiman, slaiman.............. Yalla wake up" she whispered. 

he slowly opened his eyes and looked at her.  "good morning beautiful" he said with a cheeky smile. 

She blushed, "morning."

"How was your sleep?"

"hehe good, you?"

"it was great, bas there was only one thing missing"

She knew what he was going to say, she was also afraid that it wasnt what he was going to say. So she didnt bother asking. 

"yalla goom wash up, breakfast is waiting for you"

"yalla kani... Nizlay wana shway wanzil"

"ok" she was walking towards the door. And he said

"you look very beautiful today btw"

She was blushing and her face became red, "thank you"

He went to take a shower and changed to some of 3thmans clothes and went as quickly as possible down to eat breakfast with her. 

Even though they didnt speak for 2 years, it felt like they never left each others side. 
He kissed her forehead. "yala nakil?"

"yalla" she replied. 
They sat on the couch with the food in front of them. They talked and flirted. They were the happiest two people on earth. Just like his parents when his dad was alive. 
"you know..." he said. 

"what?" she asked. 

"since we were young you were always so mature and understanding"

"you too"

"well i have to be since i take care of my brothers and sisters, bas intay you can be daloo3a bas youre not"

"i hope thats a good thing!"

"it is" he smiles genuinely.  "ohh! Nisait adg 3ala il baje! Do u know where they are?"

"umm laa madre i didnt see my phone, should i call rayoom?"

"ee call ma3laich amr". "aloo?"

"aloo" reema replies in a sleepy voice. 



"ee 3ayal mino?"

"madreee... Morning, hi, how are you feeling today? Better?"

"umm ee... Wainkum? Slaiman is asking wainkum."

"we sent you guys a message, wait! Slaiman?! Ok im up! Why is slaimain asking you to ask me?! Saloom 3indich?!!"

"hahaha rayoom ill tell you later, yala wainkum?"

"CHALET! And come nowww!"

"ok okkk" she ended the call, "theyre bil chalet. Nroo7?"

"ee yalla badlay"

"laish abadil? 3ade a6la3 chithi." 

"na3am? T6l3een chithi laish?"

"kane ga3da wiyak chithe so 3adee"

"la bas libsay a longer short shwaya at least"

"uhh ok tara bas baskit this time" 

"haha well see, ana na6rich in the car"

She headed to her room to change her outfit.