Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I... Sharon... The Nanny... *9*

Sorry for the late late post, bas mako inspiration. Oo madre mita ill post the second post:s
Am I back? Time will tell. Thank you for all the comments and the emails.
Spelling mistakes lain il ras
Kind of boring and short;p feeel free to 3aliq;p

They sat on the couch watching TV. Both silent, until '3zlan asked him
a question. "how's 5alte haya?"

He didn’t reply.

"um saloom?"


"I’m asking you a question!"

"You know the answer!"

"No i dont."

"I don’t have a mother, 5altich haya matat"

"slaiman ishhal kalam!"

"you know, tikalimain akbar min sinich"

"saloom dont change the subject"


"laish chithi tgool?"

"bas lana i dont have a mom"

"laish hal tafkeer?"

"laish?? Shino laish? Min ma oboi tiwafa oo matadre 3anna! Matadre 3an
a7ad! Nisatni wi5wani! Magdar abchi 3ala oboi lana i was responsible
for four children when i was 11! 11 '3zlan! 3umri magilt abe oo abe
lana ana ily lazim a36ee! Kabiratne 30 years wana ba3de yahil!
Aroo7laha agoolaha mama tgoli ana mo omik! A7ad igool chithe igool 7ag
wilda oo tabene agool inha omi! Ma7asat fene wala fe 5wane. 6a3ai lama
la3indaha om wala obo, '3azoi nasee 3anhum. Oo i7na bas 3inda a young
memory that we'll soon forget! Bidal matgool were gna go through this
takshit fena! T3bt ana '3zlan t3bt, ag3ad biclass a7ate 3abood oo
rayoom ishsawaw ib their test, wala itha lamooy imrithat ana ily
awadeeha ilmostasha ib ni9 illail! Im sixteen! Im a teenager laish
ma7ad rathe yifham!" his eyes were red and watery but he did not shed
a single tear.

At this moment he was standing and facing her screaming. She cried
listening to what he had to say. She got up and huuged him so tight.
"bas shway shway, mozain" she whispered. They stood for a while
silently hugging. She then looked up to him. "you feel better?" he
nodded indicating a yes. "inzain bathil wagfa wala bit5alene ag3ad?"

He chuckled; "gi3day"

She sat down, and he just stood there looking at her. "bas chithe
ibtogaf? Ana thahre 3awarni"

"olaaa! Tawich bacher lai kibarna shitsaween? T5alene i carry u

"haw oo inta laish bitshelne?"

"lana! Um ee wala laish basheelich" he quickly realized wat he was
about to say.

"come sit next to me", she asked; and he obliged. "yalla talk to me"


"kilshay! Mabi wala shay ib galbik. 5alnee a9eer ur diary ok? Maybe u
explod faja mozain"

"hmm ok.. I like that, bas 3ala shar6!"


"you do the same"

"ok" she said with a huge grin. "mo ta3ban?"

"bas shwaya.. Bas abe asolif wiyach"

"ee i know. Bas 7i6 rasik on my lap oo solif till u sleep" as soon as
she said that. He hugged her so tight. He was squeezing her to death.

"promise me you'll always be my side, i need you '3zlan"

"i promise slaiman, no matter wat happens we'll always be together."

And thats where sulieman and '3zlan's story starts, and so do the