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I... Sharon... The Nanny... *8*

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They picked up MacDonald's and headed back home. The little ones came a while later. The weekend went great, leaving a smile on everyone's face. Suleiman and 3thaman never crossed the line with there crushes. They were always there close friends and nothing but that. The two best friends decided to ignore knowing that the other liked his sister. A year passed, Mrs. Haya wasn't showing up anymore. She became as distant as possible. It was as if she didn't live with them. Her husband on the other hand would check on them from time to time. Now Suleiman is sixteen so is 3thman. '3zlan is two years younger and the twins three. '3azi and 7amad were 9 years old. And the little one is only five. Its weird how days pass by so fast it was as if Suleiman was born yesterday. Four years have passed since Mr. Rakan's death; but the children seemed to forget him except for Suleiman.

"Aaaaaaaaah" lama screamed.

I went down running to see what happened to lama, so did the children. Hamad on the other hand sat so quietly watching TV.

"sharon looook! He scared me!" and she starts crying. Hamad was a naughty child who knew how to act all innocent.

"7amoood! Ishsawait ibi5tee!" '3azi called out for him.

"wala shay ga3d mokane" Hamad said as he continued watching the TV.

"lieeeeeerrrr!!!!" lama screamed.

"basich 9ra5!" 3abood yelled back at her.

"ok, I'm sorry" she said with a sad tone. Then she quietly walked up to her room.

They all joined Hamad in the living room watching TV. They were doing nothing then 3abdalla decided he wants to go out do something.

I went upstairs to call lama. "lama?"

"na3am" she said as I opened the door searching for her.

"your brothers and sisters are all going out, you need to change" I spotted her on her bed playing with Fluffy.

"mabi!" she said angrily.

"why?" I asked.

"bas mabi! I want to stay here." she said.

"ok" I left her room and told them that lama wasn't coming.

Suleiman went up to her. He entered and sat next to her. "lamooya baba laish you dont want to come?"

"bas mabi"

"lama 7abebti 3ashani"

"mabe aroo7 then '3azi izifni jidam everyone 7ata hamad."

"bas '3azi moqa9da izifich"

"3ayal why did he scream igooli chithe"

"lana 3aib u tell 7amoud lier"

"bas he lied"

"ok 5ala9 I will stay wiyach no '3azi and 7amoud for the day ok?" he told her, solving the problem as he knew the conversation would lead to nothing.

"ok" she said so happily and hugged him so tight. "i love baba slaiman, kil my frnds 3indihum baba but i always tell them my baba is cool!"

He smiled at what she had told him "I love you too". He kissed her forehead and went downstairs to tell them he isn't going.


"ish7aga matyee?!" 3abdalla asked.

"lana lamoy matabi magdar a5aleha broo7ha" Suleiman replied.

"oo laish ihya matyee?!"

"'3azoi imza3ilha"

"oo 3ad il di3la" 3abdalla said. "'3azoi! Roo7 ti2asaf!!" he screamed.

"7ag minooo?" '3azi screamed back.


"laish bala?"

"lanik za3altha!"

"ooh 3ad hathe ma7ad ikalimha" he said as he went up the stairs. No matter how they hated the way she was the little spoiled one, they loved her too much. He went in her room. "lamoya im sorry"


"ana a7ibich wayid!" he said. That always cheered her up. But this time it didn't.

"Ana a7ibik ba3ad, bas t7ib 7amoudo more"



"inzain yalla ta3alai wiyay ana i want you to come"




"ok bye" he left her room. He went downstairs where they were waiting. "She still doesn't want to come."

"5ala9 3ayal I'll stay wiyaha" Suleiman told them.

"I'll stay ba3ad"...

"oo intay ish7aga ibtig3deen balla?" 3thman asked her furiously. While Suleiman happily smiled.

"5ala9 3ayal reema stays?"

"oo shakoo reema" he got angrier.

"mali 5lig a6la3 a9lan" '3zlan continued.

"oho kil wa7da mitdal3a a7san wa7da rayooma" 3thman replied.

That's when they all cracked up.

"agool il 3thmy imsh bas imsh inta oo rayoomtik" 3abdalla told him.

They left. They were left all alone while Lama was still upstairs.

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Muffy Cake (adree bigta min red;p)

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I... Sharon... The Nanny... *7*

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"3ade adish?"

"la! Mo 3ade!"

"3ayal an6rich bil 9alah?"

"u55.. Ok ok al7een aye"she said. She changed her clothes and came out to him. She sat on the couch next to him. "hmm?"

"3ade nitkalam?"

"well you came here tikalam"

"its been 3 weeks and 2 days lai mita? wala i miss you oo 9arlee malyoon mara at2asaf abe a3rf shile imthaygich" he said with a sad tone.

She smiled at the thought of him counting the days but in her head ofcourse. She didnt want to show him that she missed him too. "inta lazim it3rf 3ayal" she said.

"madre shino sawait intay golele shino lazim a3rf" he said pleadingly. "kil man yadri inich za3lana 3alai"

"oo laish ihimik ine za3lana?"

"uuuhh" he didnt know what to say.

"shift shloun ro7 7ag diana a7sanlik"

"lo mat.himini chan mayeet... Wait this is about diana?"

"um.. La!"


She didn't say a word.

"imbala 3an diano! The day ily 39abtay kint ga3d asolif wiyaha"

"uh... Shakoo! Oo ana shako feeha!"

"si2lay ro7ich" he chuckled.

She had nothing to say.



"do u like me?"


"3ayal it'3areen?"


He smiled. He didn't know she had the same feelings towards him, yet he didn’t want to embarrass her.

"ok ok 3ala ra7tich.. 3ashan 5a6rich mani imkalim diano 5air shar oo wala wa7da bakalimha bas aye aklmich oo itkalmenhum ok?" he said.

"kaifik kalim ily tabe", she answered acting cool yet she was jumping from the inside



"i miss you sam7ene!"

"inzain sama7tik"

His mobile rang. It was 3abdalla.

"na3am 3abdalla"



"hatha ily ba6la3 shway?"

"ee tawne 6ali3"

"wain tawik! 9arlik sa3a oo ni9 ga3d 3ind il 7ob"

"3baido! I7tirim nafsik ana o5ok il 3ood; int shdarak a9lan?!"

"min nashir ila5bar il 3am ma7moud, ya3ni t3trf inha il7ob haa?!"


"inzain inzain yalla mita bityee yo3an abe mcdees! Oo 7ameed wiya lishyoo5 lizqar! Oo i7na ga6eena bilbait! Yeeb gills oo yeebaw akil wiyakum! 3asa bas rathait.ha?"



"int matisti7i"

"yalla 3ad ana ilwa7eed ily asti7i.. Kil wa7d kasht fene oo imjabil 7abebta!"

"int cham 3umrik?"

"tara mo wayid azqar minik haa! Yala yala ta3alaw il lovebirds ily 3indi igolon ta3alaw"

"inzain inzain yayeen i7na"

"ok bye"

He ended the call and looked at '3zlan.

"shfeek?" she asked


"hatha 3abood?"


"i miss him!"

"affaaaa! Oo ana ily yaylich! Mako la missing wala shay!"

"ee inta kint imza3lne"

"ya3ni u admit it?"

"bas slaimaan!"

"ok yalla imshay 5anroo7 we get food"


They walked to the car and saw ma7moud talking to the 7aris.

"ma7moudoo!!" screamed Suleiman.

"aywaaa ya see suleemaan a9lee gai gai!"


"howa inta 6awalt olt 7aroo7 akalim shai5" he turned to face '3zlan. "allah! Di il anisa '3zlan! Radayt,ha inta? Ba2aa zaman mashofnakeesh!
A5barik aye ya binti?"

"hehe zaina il7imdila, 3amo m7moud shlounik?" '3zlan asked.

"walahi mashi il7al bas 9irna a7san min mashofnakee se suleeman ba2a yid7ak" m7moud said.

"agol int momal na36eek wayh! Fashaltna!" Suleiman added.

"asef ya se ilkul!"

"yala wadna mcdonalds!" Suleiman told him

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I... Sharon... The Nanny... *6*

A few days later it went like before. They weren’t talking. On the other hand 3thman got closer to Reema. He would always invite Reema and 3abood to stay with him and Suleiman.

"3thmaaan!" 3abdalla screamed

3thman ignored, he was chatting with Reema while Suleiman was playing with his play station.

"3thmano!" he screamed again.

"ishtabi!" 3thman replied

"wain '3izlan? Magimna inshofha!" 3bdalla asked.

"ee wala magimna inshoofha" Reema added.

"ana ishdarani! Al7een ana yaykum tis2loon 3anha?!" 3thman said

"ee golaha marathanya tyee" 3abdalla said

3thman kind of knew that Suleiman liked '3zlan, but decided to ignore it.

"wain tye! Akeed saloom imza3ilha!" 3thman replied.

Suleiman shut the TV, he couldn't handle not talking to her for weeks. He didn't like the idea that they weren't on good terms. It was so bad that people started realizing.

He went to his room. Sat for a minute thinking of something he could do. Then he called 3thman's home number hoping she would reply.

"aloo" someone on the other line replied. That voice formed a smile on his face.

"ana asef" he said sadly.

"3thman?" she asked.

"oo you forget my voice?" he asked.

"la bas making sure, anyways 3thman isn't here I think 3indik or biyelik or whatever"

"I miss you '3zlan, oo ana dag abe akalmich; o5och 3indi min il 39r"

"mako kalam Suleiman bas mola itjamel"

"shino ajamil! Agolich i miss you! Laish intay im39ba 3alai! Ana ishsawaitlich?!"

"kilish masawait shay. Yalla bye"


"i really have to go mama tnadene."

"ok bye"

"bye" she said.

The call ended. He wanted to know what had happened between them. He quickly got up from his bed rushed down the stairs. And on his way out; 3abdalla saw him.

"salloooom! Wain ray7?" 3abdalla asked

"ba6la3 shway" and sulieman quickly left not wanting to answer anymore questions.

He called Mahmoud, "aloo ma7moud"

"ahlan ya suliemaaan"

"yalla i6la3 bara ana ba6la3"


He came out. Took the car out. Suleiman went in sitting in the passengers seat.

"wadne bait il3thmy"

"6ab mishhowa hina? Izay 7atro7loo ba2a"

"agoolik wadnee bait.hum!"

"had balak ya ostaz, bayen inik ray7 lil anisa '3zlan 97 kalami?"

"ma7moudo!! Wain 7ameed? Roo7 inta mabeek itwadeene itha bit7in 3ala rasi"

"la la ha ana sakit bait il3smy bait il3smy amrina lalah ba2a"

After ten minutes they arrived at 3thman's house.

"ig3ad mini in6rni ok?"


He ran to the door and rang the bell.

"hi maria '3zlan is here?" Suleiman asked

"yes sir, ill call her"

"no no ill go its ok. Where is she?"

"in her room sir"

"ill go" and he left running up the stairs heading to her room. He slowly knocked.

"come in" '3zlan said.

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I... Sharon... The Nanny... *5*

reeeemoooo yal ba6a! Basich akil!" screamed 3thman from the swimming pool area

"3thmano ya7mar! Latkalim i5ti chithe"

"agool saloom 5anroo7 3ind jasoom inda5inlina cham zigara"

"roo7 broo7ik"

"oohoo 3ad bidaina insawee roo7na kbar oo nfham"



"basik siwalif malha da3ee, ana 3ind jasoom mani rayi7"

"inzain inzain fihamt"

'3zlan was getting out of the swimming pool heading to reema.

"'3zlaaan" called Suleiman.

As she was heading out, she turned around to look at him. She slipped and fell on the side.

"'3zlaan!!" screamed Suleiman with a shocked face.

"yuba shfeek al7een trid" replied 3thman

"6a7at yalathwal!!"

He turned around and saw his sister on the ground.

"ayy saloom! Kila minik!"

He quickly swam to her and came out of the swimming pool.

"asf '3zlan walla asf"


"bas kint ga3d anadeech, asf walla asf"

"al7een i9eer 3indi bruise kbeer kila minik!"

"inzain asheelich awadeech 3ala il couch da5il?"

"ee", she replied in pain

"SHARON" he called for me.

"yes saloom!" i said, "oh my god! My dear what happened to you?" looking at her on the couch

"kila mina hatha!... Sharon i3awir wayid"


"wa5r! Wa5r!" Lama screamed at Hamad.

"ana il wawee bakilkum"

"shaaarooooon! Look at him" she came running to me and hiding her face.

"Hamad! Let's see what's wrong with '3zlan first ok?"

"ok" he replied

I turned around to face '3zlan again. "wait a second ill bring you some ice"


"la la stay ill bring her" Suleiman said as he ran to the kitchen and came back as quickly as he can with a bowl of ice.

"mo chithe yal athwal! Ana il '3asheem a3rf i76oona ib chees!" said 3thman.

"agoool! Basik tifilsf! Sharon take the ice!" he replied.

"3thmans right, didnt you bring a bag?"


"ok, u wait I'll go and come", I said.

We put ice on it, days passed and everything went back to normal.

One day in school. The girls, '3zlan and her friends were sitting out during lunch. Diana, one girl from their group likes Suleiman; she has a crush on him. So whenever Suleiman and 3thman would come she would flirt with him.

"Gills!" called 3thman.

"na3aam! Ta3alaw shfeekum" '3zlan asked.

"3afyaa! Abe tawqee3 omi! Matthews y3arf tawqee3 mama il kalb oo ma5th D! Ba6la3 this weekend mali5ilg zaf omi!" Suleiman was standing next to him.

"la mako!"

"wilisalmich '3zlan ily tabeena i9eer!"

Then Diana started hitting on him. He was replying casually but a few laughs here and there. '3zlan didn't know she had feelings for him, until that one day. She quickly signed 3thmans paper avoiding the scene in front of her. She didn't show it because she didn't know what
she was feeling. So she acted all normal. Lunch ended and she went to class. That day she waited till the day was over. She wanted to go home and sleep. Every now and then she would look at the clock waiting for the small hand to be on two and the big hand on exactly six. Tik! The sound of the clock; and off came the school bell she quickly took her bag and left the class straight to the car, not
paying a visit to her locker or chatting with her friends. As she was furiously walking she hoped that 3thman would have soccer practice so she wouldnt see Suleiman.

"7ameed! 3thmano has practice today?"

"no no he don't have"

"5ara!" as she sat in the car waiting for her brother.

3thman and Suleiman were heading towards the car. '3zlan was busy listening to her iPod. Their car was tinted 100% so there wasn't as much sun ray as a regular car would have in. She pushed the chair backward shut her eyes and rested. The sun rays hit her eyes as she opened them. She saw Suleiman and quickly closed them again.

Thank god he didn't see me she thought.

After a while she felt the door on her right opened. She ignored. Then someone took off the headset from her right ear. She wanted to see who it was but she tried so hard not to open her eyes.

"'3zlan", she heard his squeaky boyish voice.

Why is he here?! 5al iroo7 7ag diano!

She heard the door close as he made himself comfortable.

"'3zlan", he called once again in a low voice.

No answer.

Ba7gira!!! A7san!!

"'3zlan intay za3lana mini?", he asked.

She replied instantly; "laish az3al minik?!"

"aha ya3ni mo nayma?"

"imbala bas inta it7in"

"5ala9 asef, kamlay noumtich"

She was so pissed at him. For days she wouldn't come over. And when we would go over to their house; she wouldn't be home. Suleiman wasn't the same. He was somewhat depressed.

"hey" I said as I walked in to his room.

"hi" he replied.

"are you ok?"



"nothing never mind"

"who is this about?"

"no one"

"whats the name of this certain no one?"

"sharon bas! Ma7ad!"


"WHO TOLD YOU? I didn't tell anyone. She told you 97?"

"no no one did"

"then how did you know?"

"Because the only one that can get you depressed is your mom and her"


"soo what's wrong with you two lovebirds?"

"we are not lovebirds!! And I don't know I tried calling her, talking to her at school, going to her home and all she does is ignore"

"hmm ok, lets think when did she start ignoring you?"

"I don't remember"

"ok I'll think of something and get back to you ok?"


Adree malkum 5lg you write a comment bas I have a question ana I didn't describe the characters wala gilt kil wa7d min wain all you know is that they are 3arab so you like that wala what?

el suwaida where are you?
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I... Sharon... The Nanny... *4B*

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Days have past since I last wrote. It is hard not seeing my family but I have no choice I mean these people are my family too. And yes they have not failed to satisfy my needs Mr. Fahad the children's uncle has promised me a week visit after our stay in Divonne.

Yes, as you know now we are in Divonne vacationing like every year. We would always go with Mrs. Huda Mrs. Haya's best friend. She had Othman Suleiman's best friend, '3zlan two years younger, and Hamad the youngest he was 5 years old. They were only three siblings.

"Sharon! Yalla we will go bicycling to the lake uncle Fahad said you need to come with us" Suleiman said.

"Ok.. Ill change lama, do you have the bikes ready outside or do you want me to tell Jacque?"

"tell Jacque please"

"ok", so I call Jacque and tell him to have the bikes ready.

We got ready and went on a ride with all the children including Mrs. Huda's children. We arrived at the usual spot at lake Geneva, the children running around and playing; while Suleiman and '3zlan would sit in a corner and just chat. He loved her since he was 6 but never admitted it. Mrs. Haya and I used to tease him but his regular response would be, "she's 3ithmanos sister akeed bag3ad wiyaha".

They sat quietly, until she broke the silence "hey" she said while nudging him.




"well the normal Suleiman would talk about our memories"

"I cant keep on living memories"

"You are not; we are just remembering them"

"and look where it got my mother"

"it'll only take her time you know"

"its been a year nothing has changed! She still wears black! She's not the only one who lost him!"

"Slaiman hathe omik 3aib tikalam chithe"

"asef.. Ill go home a7san" he said in a disappointed voice as he got up and left.

He left her sitting all alone; as she zoned out trying to think of a way to make him feel better.

After an hour or so we had returned home and ate lunch. Suleiman stayed in his room or with his uncle. After his conversation with '3zlan he would get annoyed at anything.

Three days have passed; and still the same thing from Suleiman he wouldn't come with us to the lake. '3zlan would sit alone turning left and right wondering if he would show up. So that day I decided to go and talk to her. I was carrying lama with me, as she played with her doll.

"Hello there" I said.


"waiting for someone?"

"no... well maybe"

"like Suleiman?"


"he just has a lot in his hands right now"

"3aib chithe igool 3an uma no matter what"

"hes only thirteen"

"and I'm only eleven!"

"Well technically you are older 5 years than your age sooo... That makes you 16!"

"ee bas still its Suleiman mo 3thmano"

"he's is a boy no matter what; so get up and play with the others he wont come"

"is he gunna be like that the whole trip?"

"Not if you talk to him"

"why me?"

"Ask him"


We went back home again, they had a BBQ gathering with family friends that night. And as always Suleiman ended up sitting alone in a corner with his plate full; not eating a thing. '3izlan saw him and headed towards him.

"hey" she said.




"are you ok?"

He smiled, "eeh im fine"

"3ayal laish mayeet ilyoum; I had to play with the little ones"

"hahaha little ones include 3ithman?"

"yup! So Sharon said technically I am older than you; inta boy fa mo smart"

"hahahaha thiqa! Ana smarter than you; Sharon ga9a 3alaich"

"im sorry 7ag last time" she had a weak smile on her face

His mood changed, "la its ok"

"im always here ok?"

"ok", he replied

They hugged and continued chatting.

The vacation was over. The children started a new year without both of their parents. Two years have passed. Mrs. Haya decided to get married to a family friend. She didn't love him, but he was spending on the children. And that did not affect the children. She didn't wear black anymore. Yet, she didn't see her children ever. She got her social life back and kept the family life as it is. Suleiman is now 15, in high school grade ten. The twins were 12 years old one year to go and they'll get to be teenagers. '3azi became 8 years old just last month. He is now in 3rd grade. And lama just started kg 1, since she's only 4 years old.

Suleiman and '3zlan grew closer. He would defend her in school; walk her out to the door; buy her random gifts. It was a cliché movie right in front of my eyes, they were the cutest.

Anyways Ill comeback to you later on. I got to go pick up Lama.