Friday, February 25, 2011


The weather was perfect 
She made her favorite drink and sat on the patio outside 
Sitting on her favorite white chair..
She saw them...

They were ecstatic
Full of energy
They ran freely all around the garden screaming

While watching them,
A smile formed on her face
At that moment, she felt 


"3asach doum lina ya deerat il5air," she thought.

She took a sip of her coffee as she continued looking at the future generation standing ever so proudly singing the national anthem. 

وطني الكويت سلمت للمجد
وعلى جبينك طالع السعد
وطني الكويت
وطني الكويت
وطني الكويت سلمت للمجد 

يا مهد آبائي الأولى كتبوا
سفر الخلود فنادت الشهب
الله أكبر انهم عرب
طلعت كواكب جنه الخلد 

وطني الكويت سلمت للمجد
وعلى جبينك طالع السعد
وطني الكويت
وطني الكويت
وطني الكويت سلمت للمجد 

بوركت يا وطني الكويت لنا
سكنا وعشت على المدى وطنا
يحميك حر في حماك بنى
صرح الحياة بأكرم الأيدي 

وطني الكويت سلمت للمجد
وعلى جبينك طالع السعد
وطني الكويت
وطني الكويت
وطني الكويت سلمت للمجد 

نحميك يا وطني وشاهدنا
صرح الهدى والحق رائدنا
وأميرنا للعز قائدنا
رب الحميه صادق الوعد

وطني الكويت سلمت للمجد
وعلى جبينك طالع السعد
وطني الكويت
وطني الكويت
وطني الكويت سلمت للمجد

Happy 50th Independence Day
Happy 20th Liberation Day 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



"3ala shino?"

"Ily gilta theek I'll mara"

"I'm glad you remembered"

"Shloun ansa, asif ana momit3awd aklm banat ila 5awate"

"Ok, it means a lot ina u did. Thanks"

"Did you miss me?"

"Latifth7eena yam3awda"

"5ala9 mola tjawib"

"Laish tifhimene '3ala6 yuba ee mukanich imbayen"


"3ayal a5aleek tirta7"



"Minsidi7 oo ga3d akalmich"




"Asif, bas mo 3adl ily ga3da tgoleena"


"Tadreen shloun asfeen, 7ali 7al '3airi I'm just a friend after all"


"Come to x!"

"A7la hug min a7la insan"

wala a7la hug"


"Shfeech baba?"

"Nothing I just miss you"

"7abeebee baba ana mawjood"





"I hate it here"

"Tabeen ayeech baba?"


"Cuz this is the only way I can talk to you and I don't want to stop"


"3ayal what other way?"

"Soon itshoofeen, there is always another way"


"Promise you won't leave"

"I promise, wain baroo7 ya3ne?"

"Just promise"

"I promise"

It's very hard getting over you; over good memories. You were there when I needed someone but when I need you now you're not available. I do miss you so much. I miss having you around. I miss your hugs. I miss your dreams. I want you back, but I don't think I can handle it. Not a day passes and I don't think of you. If I ever loved someone it would be you. Although you made me cry a few times, I still love you. To me you were closest to perfection, even though I knew all your flaws. You were simply flawless. If you are really out there I wish you well. I wish you happiness. Have a great life.

p.s. You said you were not like him, but you are exactly like him


They met
He was perfect
She was his dream girl
He cared
She cared
He fell in love..
So did she
He left she thought
They were all things she thought about her self
Only two years later,
she found him
Sitting on her couch waiting...
He sat there waiting...
Until the fathers would announce the engagement

"I was waiting for the right moment," he sent her a message right after.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Always on My Mind

It was a thursday
It wasn't just any day
It was their anniversary day
A decade has passed..
She sat on the yacht waiting for him..
Every year she would sit on the same place waiting for him..
This time it was different
The yacht wasn't decorated
She sat there..
She waited..
An hour..
Finally he came running to her
He looked like he forgot..
"I'm sorry baby for being late," he said after kissing her forehead.
He turned on the engine and started driving
"Um where are we going?" She asked.
"Uhh well I forgot, so we're going to take a quick cruise because its getting late," he replied coldly
She sat down
She couldn't believe it
Is he cheating on her
She didn't believe that he forgot
She sat silently with tears filling her big brown eyes
She sat not knowing what was going on around her
She was deep into her thoughts
She dozed off into her own world
After thinking for what seemed like hours she woke up back to reality
All she could see was a blurry vision of red
She wiped her tears
She looked again
She saw flowers all over the sand
Candles floating on the water
Lights on the trees
She saw him
Standing in the water
Next to the stairs waiting for her 

Monday, February 21, 2011

He is..

He suddenly appeared in her life
He made her smile
He made her blush
He talked and talked
He never stopped
He always asked about her
Every day..
Every single day..
He promised a future
He promised to never leave
He was always there..
With his hugs..
Soothing voice..
He always made her day right
He was willing to change
And he did..
He was simply her dream come true
Their love became stronger..
That's what she thought
And suddenly,
once upon a day he suddenly left
After all she thought,..
it was too good to be true

Qs. What would you do if your frnd or some1 you love left you?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is in the air

I've recently learned that a person I barely know has passed away. I couldn't stop crying, for a whole week I got depressed especially that he was married for a month before his death. Whenever I remember him or his wife I get depressed she is young and beautiful yet a widow. He really loved her and cared for her. I really wish her the best in life oo inshalla allah yarzigha bil zooj il9al7 il6ayb. T'5nigny il3abra kil mathkurhum madre laish.

Allah yarziq kul mawtana ilmuslimeen al firdoos al'23la yarab oo ya'3fr lana thnobna

I wrote this on Valentine's Day because no one would ever want to be in that girls place I couldn't even imagine what she's going through

3asallah layb3dna 3an a7babna