Thursday, April 19, 2012

Noora & S3ood


"hala.. Shlounich?"

"7mdillah b5air... You?"

"b5air damich ib5air"

They awkwardly stood looking at each other.

"Do you want to grab a cup of coffee?" he asked.

"umm laa 3ade"

"wala i insist, gahwa oo ro7ay"

"ok" she replied.

They walked to the usual coffee shop.

"So whats new with you?" he said.

"mako shay hows zaina?"

"uhhh.... Falaina il56ba" he said. "makint abe i make it official oo tiwahag wiyay"

"3ade as2al laish falait'ha? You seemed perfect together"

"lana shes not you noora! Ana abeech intay oo '39abtena ninfi9l! Intay lee ana oo ana lich laish matabeen tifhmeen!"

"la t9ar5 s3ood! Why are you screaming at me?!" as she finished that sentence she started crying. "lo ana ma27bik chan ma6lbt ina ninf9l! Do you want me to be selfish?"

"ee i want you to be selfish... Just for once can you not be selfless? I want you. I miss you." they both stayed silent for a minute. "asif 9ara5t tawmisa3"

"I miss you more sa3oody"

"May I get a hug?"

"la" she replied instantly.

"3ade nitzawaj again?"

"s3ood... Ilzawaj moli3ba."

"adre noora walla adree... Bas laish ma7ad yifhamne ina I want you no matter what laissh??!"

"lana sooner or later you'll expect me to give you something I can never give you"

"ana rathee... Nina itha allah mokatiblina hatha n9ebna."

"remember when we were in high school and you used to talk about our children? I will never forget that s3ood. I will never forgive myself."

"you said it yourself Nina.. OUR children.. You and I. Mo ana oo wa7da thanya"

"I miss waking up to your voice"

"I miss everything about you 7abebty"

"I need a bear hug"

"Come to papa" he gave her the biggest hug. Its been a year since their divorce. A divorce both of them didn't want. But she thought that would be the best for them.


caramela said...

7aram 3awraw galbi ;/
But i loved the post
Miss u Monwa;**

NewQ8 Bride said...

Loved it , your story touches a big part of my life , when I was young all what I was thinking of is the natural marriage , atzwaj after 2 years ayeeb kids o kint abe 3 kids , I faced reality lama tezwajt , years passed and there was no sign for any pregnancy

Just then I understand, getting married doesn`t me u must have children to be happy ?? trust me I asked hubby for a divorce and he got really mad on me

Now after almost 6 years , I am looking to my life wel7mdelaah ma khatheet that decision , I am so in love with my amazing husband el7mdelah , he adores me , 7yatee a7san mn 7yat waayed nas 3ndhom 3yaal but they are not happy ??

Kil shay kamel b 7yate , o 6ab3an mako shay kamel elaah God , ana mo mst3da atha7ee b ay shay b7yate now 3ashan ayeeb baby

Akeed I want children bas etha alah mo kateb ma ra7 ahdem elshay el7loo elee ga3da a3eesha now

Sorry garagt waayed but I loved the story

Monwa said...

Caramela: miss you moree;*** love you!

newq8 bride: allah i7afithkum wiwafgkum oo yas3dkum yarabi oo yab3dkum 3an il 7asideen. il7amdillah allah rizagkum ib ba3ath oo layakhlekum inshallaa;***